8 things about me

8 is my lucky number. When I was a child I was fascinated about the number 8 because you can write it again and again and again go round and round like a race-circuit — infinite times. A few years later I discovered that the same sign just rotated by 90° is used for infinity. This fact made me kind of happy (and yes I’m a little ashamed).

So I’ll tell 8 things about me:

1. I’m from Germany and English is not my mother tounge. Perhaps that’s the most important thing to know about me, because it explains all the orthographical and grammatical mistakes I make. But one reason to blog is to improve my writing skills. So please let me know about mistakes.

2. I’ve been knitting for almost five years now. I started with a sweater (very ambitious I know) and I even finished the knitting part. But I have to admit, that I never sewed it, because I didn’t like it. It was full of twisted stiches and I had miscounted several times. But anyway I learned how to count rows and how to knit and purl, make decreases and increases etc.

3. I love knitting socks. Socks were my second, third, … project and I always have some pair(s) of sock on some needles. I like using 5 dpns for my socks. I’ve tried the 2-circ method once but I didn’t like the tangling second needle.

4. All reasons for starting to blog are really selfish I think. The first one I mentioned above is improving my English.
The second one is: I’m forgetful. I need to write things down like gauge and needle sizes used and I’m absolutely horrible in remembering names. Even names of yarn. Even names of yarns I really like. So I will use this blog as kind of a notebook.
My third reason is that there is nobody around who knits, too. And I have almost nobody (except my grandma who used to knit, but she is 93 and can’t knit anymore) who is interested in my knitting. Ok my boyfriend likes my knitting but he isn’t really interested.

5. I’m a mathematician. Maybe that explaines a lot, I don’t know.

6. I’m addicted to the color green. Not all greens but many. Espacially those which tend to yellow and brown not so much the ones with more blue in them.

7. I’m a right handed (aka english) knitter. Thats very weird for most of the knitters I meet here in Germany because everybody I have ever met knits continental (aka german aka left handed). But I prefer knitting this way. My grandma used to do it that way and when I taught myself how to knit from a book a few years ago, I never thought about holding the yarn in the left hand.

8. I have to think about no. 8..


2 Responses to “8 things about me”

  1. Mary Says:

    Minor point, but you did ask for corrections…

    In #1 – “tounge” should be “tongue” – I’m sure it’s a “typo”

    I love the number 7 because I was born on the 7th. I’m a Continental knitter because I drop too many stitches the English method. 🙂



  2. IHateToast Says:

    ha! #7. i learned English style from my mom in the u.s., then i studied in wien after 2 months at a goethe institut where the women at the yarn store taught me continental style. now i’m here in australia and knitting the opposite way the aussies do.

    i wish blogging existed while i was learning german. keep it up.

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