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September 25, 2007

I missed my invitation from Ravelry when I was on holiday but luckily my nickname was still available when I joined last week. I haven’t added much projects and stash but I really enjoy looking what all of you are knitting. It is really great you can just type in a yarn or a pattern and go on for hours and hours…

Bye the way I’m over there as kaita.


Impressions from Cornwall

September 24, 2007

I was hiking in Cornwall for almost three weeks and it was really great. The weather was much better than expected, the Coast Path which follows the coast line all the time is very well signed and the views are fantastic. Just a few teaser..

Yes that’s me (just for scaling).

Sometimes the coast path looks more like a hiking highway..

.. or like being on a carribean island.

Although we only had two backpacks, I had brought some knitting. Just the lace-stole because that’s only 100g. I had hoped to knit at least one repeat per day, but sometimes the walking was so exhausting that I didn’t accomplish the plan. This is what I have knitted so far:


It’s a little bit more than one metre. Much more to go.

In Cornwall I was only in one ys, but on our way back home we stayed in London for 3 days and I visited two more. But I will tell you about my purchases tomorrow 🙂