Dyeing with Kool Aid

Last week I tried dyeing with Kool Aid. How on earth can anybody drink this stuff. No offence but.. Igitt (this is german for all disgusting stuff).

I went to a friend of mine who ownes a microwave and we dyed two skeins, one with lemon-lime, wild-watermelon-kiwi and berry-blue and one with lemon-lime and lemonade. (Yes I bought some more colors because I wanted to dye one skein I bought a year ago to try dyeing.)

The result is shocking 🙂


I like the yellow and green one, but I don’t know wheter I like the other one or not. I’ll knit a swatch and decide later. If I knit them up into socks they’ll be really great to shock my parents 🙂

Apart from the smell dyeing was really fun. I’ve dyed some cotton with Procion mx so far but dyeing wool is better because the wool takes up all the dye and whats left looks like smelly water. This doesn’t happen with Procion and is really fascinating


2 Responses to “Dyeing with Kool Aid”

  1. IHateToast Says:

    kool aid is weird. i wasn’t allowed to have it as a child. i do like that it’s unsweetened. at least you can moderate the sugar. … sort of.

    fun to dye with.

    i think the colours are great. i had a kitchen that green. i have questionable taste.

  2. carcarffm Says:

    wow, das grün ist toll! leider hat mir mein kollege nur rotes und lila kool aid aus den usa mitgebracht… lg, cazcrafts

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