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Felted bag

August 29, 2007

I haven’t posted lately because I was bored. I had finished everything and wanted to start a new big project but there wasn’t one. (I’m still waiting for the Drops Alpaka and want to knit my new big project with it.) I casted on a pair of these and a pair of Jaywalker and I did some repeats of the print o’ the wave stole but nothing exciting..

Until last week when I decided to start the felted bag I had in mind for weeks. I want a felted bag which consists of squares in different colors. First I thought about felting entrelac but the FO I saw online were all mhm a bit too untidy for my taste. My picky mind just wants the squares to connect exactly at the corners.

When I saw a member of my knitting group doing this, I did some investigation about knitted patchwork and mitres. You can find some examples here and here (very good but german).

Knitting a mitre is really simple: You just cast on an odd number of stiches. You can use garter or stockinette stich. In either way you just decrease stiches in the middle of the row until only one stich is left.

If you use garter stich you just decrease two stiches every other row using a sl1 k2tog psso in the middle of the row.
Using stockinette stich is a little more complicated. You can of course decrease like in garter but you will not end up with something that looks like a square. ( I apologize for not making little swatches) Due to the fact that stockinette produces a slightly larger row gauge than garter you will end up with someting that looks like this:


To avoid that you have to decrease more than two stiches every other row. I tried to alternate ssk, skk, k2tog and k2tog, ssk, ssk to get a symmetrical appearance, but I’m not satisfied.

Anyway I decided to use garter stich and swatched and felted the swatch to see how it felts and how much it will shrink


As you can see the original swatch is 3.75 inch and the felted one 3 inch. Here you can see a rough sketch of the bag and what I’ve knitted so far.


I started the bag by knitting 10 single mitres.


Afterwards I connected them by picking up stiches on two edges of every mitre with the brown yarn, joined and purled one round. Then I continued to knit mitres using the live stiches like a cast-on row.

When I’ll be back from Cornwall, where I’ll stay for the next three weeks, I have to think about making a mitre which looks like this


to create the four corners I need for the bottom.


Dyeing with Kool Aid

August 15, 2007

Last week I tried dyeing with Kool Aid. How on earth can anybody drink this stuff. No offence but.. Igitt (this is german for all disgusting stuff).

I went to a friend of mine who ownes a microwave and we dyed two skeins, one with lemon-lime, wild-watermelon-kiwi and berry-blue and one with lemon-lime and lemonade. (Yes I bought some more colors because I wanted to dye one skein I bought a year ago to try dyeing.)

The result is shocking ๐Ÿ™‚


I like the yellow and green one, but I don’t know wheter I like the other one or not. I’ll knit a swatch and decide later. If I knit them up into socks they’ll be really great to shock my parents ๐Ÿ™‚

Apart from the smell dyeing was really fun. I’ve dyed some cotton with Procion mx so far but dyeing wool is better because the wool takes up all the dye and whats left looks like smelly water. This doesn’t happen with Procion and is really fascinating

FO: Pumpkins

August 13, 2007

Yesterday I finally stuffed the pumpkins and sewed the tops to the bodies. They came out really nice although I had to pull very hard with a piece of yarn to shape them like this before they were completely dry.


Pattern: Pumpkins by Jordana Paige in knitty
Yarn: Cascade 220; one skein orange (7822) and perhaps a quarter of a skein of chocolate brown (7824)
Needles: Addi Turbo 6.5mm
Felting: 3 times for 8 minutes in front loading washer with a pair of jeans

On the sewing front

August 6, 2007

I sewed all the orange pieces and afterwards it looked like this:


And after 20 minutes of felting in the washer they were felted and looked like this:


This is the pumpkins pattern from knitty. I just need to stuff them and sew the tops onto the bodies.


August 6, 2007

On Thursday I got a parcel with my presents from Mascha.

And this was inside: A skein of sock yarn and Kool-Aid in Berry-Blue, Lemon-Lime and Wild-Watermelon-Kiwi.


I’ve wanted to try Kool-Aid dyeing for yearsย  ๐Ÿ™‚
The book is fitted knits by Stefanie Japel and I’ve seen at least three patterns I want to knit… someday.

Dear Mascha, thank you so so much, I’m so happy. Getting parcels is always exciting but getting a surprise is even better.