What might that be?

After finishing all these projects I had (almost) no ufos left. Okay some socks I’ve started 2 years ago in a really horrible colorway are still there but nothing really serious. So I came up with a bunch of new projects:

I casted on some lace in an Uru-wool I bought 3 month ago in Cologne.


This is the Print O’ The Wave Stole by Eunny. I wanted it more like a shawl so I casted on only three repeats of the pattern. I’ve knitted six repeats so far, the pattern calls for two times 17 but I think I am knitting only one large panel instead of two crafted together in the center.

I also started knitting slippers for myself.


But I ran out of the black yarn for the sole, and I’m waiting for a new skein to arrive.

Yesterday I spent some time
in front of the computer watching movies and knitting these:


Please feel free to guess what these might become.
To give you another clue: two of these belong to the same project.


Tonight I’m going to sew..


One Response to “What might that be?”

  1. Andrea Says:

    Hihi, ich habe mal einer Freundin zur Geburt ihrer Tochter eine orangene Krake gestrickt, daran erinnert mich das Foto.
    Liebe Grüße
    Die Rocailles sind übrigens zwei Farben, durchsichtig und silbergrau glänzend.

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