all about colors

  1. Green or green?
    As I already talked about I want to knit the market square pullover in Drops Alpaca. But I could not decide which of the two greens to choose. The yarn is only available in two or three onlineshops her ein Germany so called the owner of wollkultur and she sent me samples of color 100, 1010, 7238, 7895 and I knitted the tiniest swatch I’ve ever knitted.


    (from top to bottom: 7895, 0100, 7238, 1010).
    I decided to order color 7238 and 0100. The dark green is hardly a green at all. It’s very grey and dark brown.

  2. I orderd some cascade to try felting a pair of slippers for my boyfriend. I have never felted anything in the washingmachine so I bought Felted Knits form Beverly Galeskas. And after reading this book I got a little bit enthusiastic and bought a few skeins of Cascade 220


    from left to right: 8910, 8400, 7824, 8555, 8914, 7822.
    Tomorrow I’ll start swatching and felting.



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