progress: yes, pictures: no

I discovered lately that taking good pictures of knitted stuff is hard but I’ll try to post some pics tomorrow.

About the progress: I finished the bibs in time, I made two: the one with the flower and another one just alternating stripes in dark-blue, light-blue, white, and yellow in garter stich. And then I had a ton of cheap cotton-yarn left over so I decided to knit “Absorba the great” form the Mason-Dixon book. I used three strands of yarn held together in dark-blue, light-blue and white and the largest needle I have (I don’t know the size I have to measure). It was a quick knit and I finished it yesterday and now it’s lying in front of the shower and my feet won’t get cold any more.
The petunia is going slowly I’m a little bit bored and the yarn is splitty splitterson itself. But for 1 Euro a ball I’m not really complaining. I picked it up yesterday and begun the second pattern repeat. Yesterday I also read the instructions for finishing more carefully and found out that you’re supposed to line only the bottom but I think I’ll line the whole bag because I don’t like pens sticking out of my bags and I always carry at least a pencil with me. I have a black cheap cotton lying around but I don’t like black lining because it makes it hard to find your stuff in the bag. I have to think about it.

Enough for today I’ll go and take some pics to show.


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