FO: Josephine Top

I finished the Josephine Top from IWK summer 07 and I like it very much.


Yarn: Lang Yarns Delta, (50% cotton, 50% microfibre, 123m/50g)
source: stash

Needles: 3.5mm and 3mm Addi Turbo circ

Modifications: Added 2cm between “holes-row” after lace/rib part and V-neck for better fitting.
Added two more short rows in the mini sleeves. I knitted it according to the pattern and it was shorter than in the picture, I checked the pattern and I think there is a mistake. You need to add ad least a pair of short rows to get the same look.


These pictures were taken with a different color in the cord, but I didn’t like it and I made another one.


Yes I know I got a sunburn on sunday, but it’s already better now.


4 Responses to “FO: Josephine Top”

  1. myhobbyisyarn Says:

    That’s a gorgeous top! Maybe I should buy that issue after all. What color is the cord now?

  2. MoonlightKnitter Says:

    Love the top! I too have that issue of Interweave, and the Josephine Top looked like something complicated (but would still fun to try). What was your experience like knitting it?

  3. kaita Says:

    Thanks for the nice comments

    the new cord is in the same color as the top and I like it much better than the one in the pic.

    knitting the Josephine Top is not hard, if you can read your knitting you don’t need the lace pattern lying next to you. it’s just moss stich with a YO which “travels” every row.

  4. ladyoftheloom Says:

    I am admiring your nice knitting! I love your choice of colors and different types of projects too. I am working on the Josephine top too.

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