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New project(s)

June 21, 2007

I’ ve started two new projects:


This is a bib for a friend of mine or better the daughter of this friend 🙂
I’m invited to their ‘we have a new appartment’ party tomorrow and I have to finish it tonight which isn’t a problem it’s very fast knitting, although it’s my first intarsia with cotton. I’ll post more details soon.

The other project I’ve started is the Petunia Tote from IWK spring 07


in green of course. I bought the yarn second hand from a woman I barely know from a sewing forum (german) and it’s nice but stinks like an old cellar full of smoke. I let it lying around for a while and it’s ok now but first thing I’ll do when it’s finished is washing washing washing.

The pattern is fun, nearly mindless stockinette in the round, but due to the pattern you have to pay a little attention which makes it less boring.


FO: Josephine Top

June 19, 2007

I finished the Josephine Top from IWK summer 07 and I like it very much.


Yarn: Lang Yarns Delta, (50% cotton, 50% microfibre, 123m/50g)
source: stash

Needles: 3.5mm and 3mm Addi Turbo circ

Modifications: Added 2cm between “holes-row” after lace/rib part and V-neck for better fitting.
Added two more short rows in the mini sleeves. I knitted it according to the pattern and it was shorter than in the picture, I checked the pattern and I think there is a mistake. You need to add ad least a pair of short rows to get the same look.


These pictures were taken with a different color in the cord, but I didn’t like it and I made another one.


Yes I know I got a sunburn on sunday, but it’s already better now.